Partner and Student Impact

AVENU - Learner

Creating a world of opportunity

AVENU Learning creates opportunities for universities and educational providers to reach new students — and provides students with a localized, affordable way to access high quality education that can transform lives and communities. 

We believe in a world of opportunity. AVENU makes this vision real by building strategic partnerships with universities and other education providers that expand access to high-quality, affordable education for learners around the globe.

We combine the DNA and values of an innovative university with the agility and expertise of a technology firm to create new models of higher education.

Our innovative approach creates partner and student impact through:

  • Mission alignment
  • Low-risk innovation
  • Brand expansion
  • Revenue generation

"I very much enjoy forcing myself to have an open mind and think about the diversity of my students given their regions, which makes it an interesting challenge for me to understand how local circumstances affect them in a global world."

- Dr. Héctor Alejandro Zamora, Professor of Human Behavior in Organizations, Aguascalientes, Mexico

“It is amazing to have payment facilities and job opportunities within my country. Earning an accredited degree from a US college but in my own language and onli-ne makes a huge difference.”                                                                 

- University learner                                                                                                                                                                                       

Enrollment Growth

Aligning equity and access with new student segments

AVENU creates new student segments for universities and other education providers — and a new road to international credentials for learners.
By opening new markets to leading universities, AVENU provides sustainable ways for providers to grow enrollment without hurting current enrollments within their existing learner ecosystems. 

AVENU connects universities and transnational students by offering programs:
  • In the language of the learner
  • With culturally relevant content localized for the student's region
  • Online from the country where the student resides
  • At market-sensitive pricing

In addition to enrollment growth, AVENU creates opportunities for universities to advance educational equity in practical and authentic ways. Our programs:
  • Create research and exchange programs for students, faculty and staff
  • Enhance reputation and build brand awareness through innovative approaches to access, equity and inclusion
  • Create lasting impact in the lives of students through the transformative power of high quality, affordable education
AVENU - Learner
“In the future, I hope to be able to help people overcome the different obstacles that we have in our lives.”

- University learner
“The accreditation as a university is an open door for many of us as foreigners in neighboring countries. And what more help can I ask than getting an education in my native language.”

 - University learner

Student Satisfaction

Empowering transnational students with high quality, affordable education

With our partners, we bring high-quality courses and degree programs to transnational learners who might otherwise never be able to access or afford a degree with international credibility. Our students understand the value of an internationally recognized education, and are eager to gain knowledge, skills and insights that will enable them to transform their lives and communities.

Through surveys, interviews and other evaluation tools, learners provide valuable feedback that both enrich our offerings and validates our innovative approach:

of students rated their experience with instructor as excellent.
of students rated their experience in the course as excellent.
*Based on Southern New Hampshire University course surveys in 2020.
“I had very dedicated teachers. They have strong knowledge and are very professional. I have learned so much.”

- University learner
“It is very meaningful to learn more about my career and share learning with students from other parts of the world.”

- University learner