Bringing the University to the Student

Creating new student segments, increasing
revenue and opening new markets

AVENU connects universities with transnational learners 

AVENU Learning brings the university directly to transnational students with high quality, affordable online programs and personalized support. We’re creating new models of higher education that advance opportunity for learners worldwide.

As poverty, inertia and despair limit choices and lives across the globe, we believe access to higher education is not just the right of every student, it is the most effective way to create lasting change.

AVENU - Global

“I hope to learn and to interact internationally as a citizen of the world.”

Partner Learner

Partner & Student Impact

AVENU creates opportunities for universities and educational providers to reach new student segments — and provides students with a localized, affordable way to access education that can transform lives.

We create programs that connect Partner and students:

AVENU - Global

Founded to expand global access to quality education

At AVENU, we think differently about expanding global access to high-quality education. We partner with universities and other educational providers to reimagine how to reach and serve today’s transnational learners.

By delivering the education programs directly to the learner with personalized support, we’re creating a new model of higher education that advances opportunity for learners worldwide.

"It is extraordinary to have this opportunity to interact with people from other countries, to learn different forms of thinking and to be immersed in a wider cultural diversity."

- Dr. Marco Zamora, Professor of Applied Statistics for Managers, Querétaro, Mexico
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