Why are More and More Students Choosing Online Learning?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

reasons why students choose online learning

The flexibility of online learning enables students to access academic and professional development while acquiring highly demanded digital skills. Get to know all the reasons why online learning is increasingly chosen by students.

Nowadays, online learning is increasingly chosen by college-bound students. This trend has boomed thanks to the technological advances and the increasing use of ITCs, since these foster the student’s integral learning, because they are able to develop independent and self-accountability skills, and acquire an innovative conception of the teaching-learning process.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a landmark in the development of online learning, since it has caused the biggest and longer-lasting interruption of the traditional educational systems in history. The spread of this virus has affected over 1.6 billion students worldwide, causing them to study from home. Due to the disruption the confinement has caused in education, online learning has become the center of the global scenario. This situation caused a sudden and forced transformation, which accelerated the migration to the digital world and meant the ultimate growth of this learning methodology in the 2020-2021 academic year, a trend that will keep going for many years to come.

According to Global Market Insights data, the size of the e-learning market (teaching-learning process via the internet) has risen above the USD 250 billion in 2020, and a 21% growth rate is expected between 2021 and 2027. This makes it clear that more and more students are choosing online learning, which implies that online learning is growing at staggering rates. This could mean that online learning will become the #1 learning methodology in the world in the future.

Reasons why online learning is increasingly chosen

  • Online learning is considered the best learning option, since it has proven the most innovative and flexible sector, showing a mesmerizing ability to adapt to the new technologies.

  • Thanks to the spread of teleworking, professionals can spend more time home. Since they have more flexible schedules, many professionals decide to increase their skills and knowledge through online learning.

  • Online learning requires students to be more responsible and creative in the construction of their own learning style, and to adopt learning strategies by getting to know themselves and their learning preferences. As long as they achieve this, they will learn to learn.

  • Online learning is a more viable option, mainly for adults and professionals who are interested in pursuing a higher education degree but don’t have the time that in-person learning demands.

  • Online learning guarantees equal opportunities. As regards this matter, online learning is accessible for a wider range of people than in-person learning. Educational institutions will keep on offering online degrees and courses, which are more affordable and reach more students.

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